Designed specifically with the industry’s unique demands in mind, and developed through close collaboration with major manufacturers, our specialist range of rail lubricants provide high performance protection.

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SAE 15w-40, Agricultural, Fleet, Automotive, Construction, 25 litre, 5 litre, Mineral

Duplex CDX 15W-40 Engine Oil

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Fleet, Automotive, Agricultural, Vintage & Classic Cars, Car & Van, Construction, Autosport, Motorcycle, Industrial, 500 Gm, 400 Gm, 3Kg, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 2, Mineral
K42EP Lithium Mutipurpose Grease
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Industrial, Automotive, Construction, Rail, Fleet, Vintage & Classic Cars, Agricultural, Grease, 400 Gm, 3Kg, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 3, Mineral, High Load, Shock load Resistant

 K43EP is a high quality NLGI 3 Lithium grease suitable for a wide range of plain and rolling bearings used within given temperature limits & is used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector.

K43EP is currently in British mainline applications as follows:

• Carriage wheel sets using Commonwealth, B4 and B5 passenger bogies.
• Class 37/47/50/56 locomotive axle bearings and suspension tubes on freight and passenger duties.

K43EP is also used extensively on Heritage Railway lines where a grease of this type is specified.

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SAE 15w-40, Agricultural, Car & Van, Construction, Fleet, 25 litre, Mineral

Ring Free MXC 15W-40 is a mixed fleet diesel and petrol engine oil

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Diesel Engine Oil, SAE 15w-40, Agricultural, Construction, Fleet, 25 litre, 5 litre, Mineral, Diesel Engine Oil, Heavy Duty

Versimax HD4 15W-40 has been formulated to provide reliable and robust performance in a wide variety of engine types used in a range of applications

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12.5 Kg, NLGI 0
LODEXOL MTL BITUMEN FREE TRACTION MOTOR GEARBOX LUBRICANT  Description Specifically designed for the lubrication of Traction Motor gears...
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Diesel Engine Oil, SAE 15w-40, Fleet, Construction, Agricultural, 25 litre, (UCBO), Mid SAPS, After Treatment Device Compatibility, Diesel Engine Oil, DPF Compatible , EGR Compatible, Heavy Duty

Versimax HD6 15W-40 is a mid-SAPS heavy duty diesel engine oil, manufactured from Group II base fluids. 

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