Terralus Biodegradable Range

Innovative Biodegradable Products

We understand that for environmentally-sensitive sites and situations you need a biodegradable product which offers you high-performance protection and complete peace of mind, which is why our expert team developed the ultimate range of earth welfare products – Terralus.

This innovative range of specially-formulated lubricants has been expertly developed by our team specifically for use in applications where sensitivity to the natural environment is paramount. Boasting exceptional biodegradable qualities, these products have been designed to minimise any impact on the environment and are ideal for use on equipment operating in conditions where there is a risk of pollution.

Formulated to provide the highest levels of protection and particularly suited to off-highway, agricultural and horticultural applications where any run-off may have the potential to contaminate land or water, the range encompasses a full suite of products including high-performance lubricants and ancillary products such as cleaners and greases, and supports the increasing demand on our customers’ to become environmentally responsible.


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