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£5.60 (£6.72 inc VAT)
Lithium Complex, NLGI 2, 400 Gm, 12.5 Kg, Fleet, Motorcycle, Industrial, Agricultural, Automotive, Autosport, Construction, Horticultural, Marine, Vintage & Classic Cars, Grease

K2EP Lithium Complex Grease

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£38.56 (£46.27 inc VAT)
Calcium, NLGI 2, 3Kg, Vintage & Classic Cars, Automotive, Autosport, Car & Van
K6 is a premium quality, water resistance grease.
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£92.00 (£110.40 inc VAT)
Mineral, NLGI 1, 12.5 Kg, Vintage & Classic Cars, Agricultural, Construction, Industrial, Automotive, Grease
K41EP General Purpose Lithium  Grease
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£4.44 (£5.33 inc VAT)
Mineral, NLGI 2, 3Kg, 400 Gm, 500 Gm, 12.5 Kg, Motorcycle, Autosport, Industrial, Automotive, Vintage & Classic Cars, Fleet, Agricultural, Construction, Car & Van, Grease
K42EP Lithium Mutipurpose Grease
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£5.59 (£6.71 inc VAT)
Shock load Resistant, High Load, Mineral, NLGI 3, 3Kg, 12.5 Kg, 400 Gm, Rail, Agricultural, Industrial, Vintage & Classic Cars, Fleet, Construction, Automotive, Grease

 K43EP is a high quality NLGI 3 Lithium grease suitable for a wide range of plain and rolling bearings used within given temperature limits & is used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector.

K43EP is currently in British mainline applications as follows:

• Carriage wheel sets using Commonwealth, B4 and B5 passenger bogies.
• Class 37/47/50/56 locomotive axle bearings and suspension tubes on freight and passenger duties.

K43EP is also used extensively on Heritage Railway lines where a grease of this type is specified.

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£5.54 (£6.65 inc VAT)
Molybdenum Disulphide, Mineral, Lithium , NLGI 2, 400 Gm, 12.5 Kg, 500 Gm, Car & Van, Fleet, Agricultural, Construction, Automotive, Vintage & Classic Cars, Industrial, Grease

K48 Moly - Grease

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£15.74 (£18.89 inc VAT)
Rubber compatible, Bentone, Vegetable Oil, NLGI 3, NLGI 2, 500 Gm, Autosport, Fleet, Industrial, Motorcycle, Car & Van, Vintage & Classic Cars, Automotive, Construction, Grease

K76 acts as an excellent lubricant between rubber components and steel or other metals. Due to the vegetable base oil the grease is resistant to hydrocarbon solvents, e.g. petrol and diesel.

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£8.79 (£10.55 inc VAT)
Mineral, Calcium, NLGI 2, NLGI 3, 500 Gm, 12.5 Kg, 3Kg, Industrial, Automotive, Agricultural, Marine, Construction, Vintage & Classic Cars
K99 Water Resistant Grease
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£9.68 (£11.62 inc VAT)
Calcium, NLGI 2.5, 400 Gm, 12.5 Kg, Plant, Marine, Construction, Automotive, Agricultural, Vintage & Classic Cars, Grease

K323 is an extremely sophisticated lithium/calcium base grease which incorporates modern polymer technology.

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£10.80 (£12.96 inc VAT)
Calcium Sulphonate Complex, NLGI 2, 400 Gm, 12.5 Kg, Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Plant, Grease

K90 Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease has been developed as a high performance grease for construction
plant such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovels and dump trucks where it will give outstanding performance.
It is also recommended for use in industrial equipment operating at high temperatures or exposed to salt water.

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£12.48 (£14.98 inc VAT)
Mineral, NLGI 1, NLGI 2, 12.5 Kg, 500 Gm, 3Kg, Autosport, Industrial, Automotive, Construction, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Vintage & Classic Cars, Grease

K383 Copper Anti-seize

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