£5.08 (£6.10 inc VAT)
Construction, Vintage & Classic Cars, Autosport, Automotive, Motorcycle, Agricultural, Marine, Industrial, Horticultural, Fleet, 12.5 Kg, 400 Gm, NLGI 2, Lithium Complex

K2EP Lithium Complex Grease

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£93.25 (£111.90 inc VAT)
Vintage & Classic Cars, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 3, Calcium

K3 is a premium quality, water resistant grease

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£36.59 (£43.91 inc VAT)
Vintage & Classic Cars, Car & Van, Autosport, Automotive, 3Kg, NLGI 2, Calcium
K6 is a premium quality, water resistance grease.
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£72.72 (£87.26 inc VAT)
Automotive, Vintage & Classic Cars, Agricultural, Construction, Industrial, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 1, Mineral
K41EP General Purpose Lithium  Grease
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£3.79 (£4.55 inc VAT)
Fleet, Industrial, Motorcycle, Agricultural, Car & Van, Automotive, Vintage & Classic Cars, Construction, Autosport, 3Kg, 500 Gm, 12.5 Kg, 400 Gm, NLGI 2, Mineral
K42EP Lithium Mutipurpose Grease
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£5.33 (£6.40 inc VAT)
Construction, Automotive, Rail, Agricultural, Industrial, Fleet, Vintage & Classic Cars, Grease, 12.5 Kg, 3Kg, 400 Gm, NLGI 3, Mineral, Shock load Resistant, High Load

 K43EP is a high quality NLGI 3 Lithium grease suitable for a wide range of plain and rolling bearings used within given temperature limits & is used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector.

K43EP is currently in British mainline applications as follows:

• Carriage wheel sets using Commonwealth, B4 and B5 passenger bogies.
• Class 37/47/50/56 locomotive axle bearings and suspension tubes on freight and passenger duties.

K43EP is also used extensively on Heritage Railway lines where a grease of this type is specified.

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£5.46 (£6.55 inc VAT)
Grease, Vintage & Classic Cars, Agricultural, Fleet, Car & Van, Construction, Industrial, Automotive, 400 Gm, 500 Gm, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 2, Molybdenum Disulphide, Mineral, Lithium

K48  Moly - Grease

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£13.58 (£16.30 inc VAT)
Car & Van, Automotive, Construction, Autosport, Fleet, Industrial, Motorcycle, Vintage & Classic Cars, 500 Gm, NLGI 3, NLGI 2, Vegetable Oil, Bentone
K76 is a premium quality biodegradable bentone thickened automotive grease
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£185.10 (£222.12 inc VAT)
Industrial, Automotive, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 000, Fully Synthetic

K84 is a premium quality fully synthetic semi-fluid grease

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£8.04 (£9.65 inc VAT)
Industrial, Marine, Agricultural, Vintage & Classic Cars, Construction, Automotive, 12.5 Kg, 500 Gm, 3Kg, NLGI 2, NLGI 3, Mineral, Calcium
K99 Water Resistant Grease
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£7.65 (£9.18 inc VAT)
Vintage & Classic Cars, Construction, Plant, Agricultural, Automotive, Marine, 12.5 Kg, 400 Gm, NLGI 2.5, Calcium

K323 is an extremely sophisticated lithium/calcium base grease which incorporates modern polymer technology.

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£9.67 (£11.60 inc VAT)
Autosport, Automotive, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Industrial, Vintage & Classic Cars, Construction, 500 Gm, 3Kg, 12.5 Kg, NLGI 1, NLGI 2, Mineral

K383 Copper Anti-seize

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