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£106.26 (£127.51 inc VAT)
Anti Freeze, Patented Organic Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti-Corrosion, Excellent Cavity Protecton, 20 Litre, Fleet, Automotive, Construction, Agricultural, Antifreeze

Ultralife MAX is a heavy duty, versatile antifreeze/coolant that provides long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys.

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Anti Freeze, Anti-Corrosion, Organic Acid Technology, 20 Litre, Fleet, Automotive, Construction, Agricultural, Antifreeze
ULTRALIFE HD (Yellow) ORGANIC ACID TECHNOLOGY ANTIFREEZE Description: Ultralife HD is ethylene glycol based antifreeze, which uses Organic Acid...
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£28.00 (£33.60 inc VAT)
Ethylene Glycol, 20 Litre, 5 litre, Motorcycle, Construction, Fleet, Automotive, Autosport, Horticultural, Marine, Car & Van, Agricultural, Coolant, Antifreeze
Antifreeze Ultra Life Red 5 Year Protection
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£24.80 (£29.76 inc VAT)
5 litre, Food Preparation, Horticultural, Autosport, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Car & Van, Model Engineering, Marine, Construction, Vintage & Classic Cars, Fleet, Steam

Workshop PRO All Seasons Screen Wash is a specially formulated screen wash concentrate that is made for adding to water in vehicle washer bottles.

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£21.29 (£25.55 inc VAT)
25 litre, 5 litre, Fleet, Horticultural, Marine, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Autosport, Steam, Car & Van, Vintage & Classic Cars, Construction, Automotive, Cleaning Fluid

Workshop  Pro Traffic Film Remover is  a unique combination of surface active agents, sequestrants and alkaline builders that can be used for car & lorry cleaning by brush wash or automatic brush wash. It can also be used in the cleaning of light and heavy soils from the likes of concrete floors, metal surfaces and driveways (except Tarmacadam).  It may also find use in the removal of temporary corrosion inhibitors from metal surfaces. Dilutions for these applications are to be determined on an individual basis, based on the degree of soiling, method of application et cetera. 

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£20.93 (£25.12 inc VAT)
Fully Synthetic, 1 litre, Fleet, Motorcycle, Automotive, Autosport, Vintage & Classic Cars, Car & Van, Steam, Horticultural, Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, Marine, Corrosion Preventative

Ankorsol corrosion preventative....

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£11.01 (£13.21 inc VAT)
2 Stroke Motorcycles, 4 Stroke Motorcycles, Monopropylene Glycol, 1 litre, Motorcycle, Autosport, Automotive, Antifreeze, Coolant

Race Super Cool protects against corrosion, erosion, cavitation and other problems found in hard driven engines.Super Cool pre-mixed coolant

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£7.88 (£9.46 inc VAT)
Ethylene Glycol, 20 Litre, 5 litre, 1 litre, Fleet, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Horticultural, Automotive, Marine, Car & Van, Autosport, Plant, Steam, Construction, Vintage & Classic Cars
Universal Anti-freeze
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