Terralus UTTO Biodegradable Tractor Transmission Fluid.

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Terralus UTTO Biodegradable Tractor Transmission Fluid.

Terralus UTTO is a biodegradable multi-functional tractor transmission fluid that can be used in transmissions, hydraulics, oil immersed (wet brakes), PTOs and final drive systems. The product has been carefully formulated from raw materials that have demonstrated a level of biodegradability that makes it an ideal candidate for use where environmental impact must be reduced to a minimum.
Terralus UTTO will protect from wear and shock loads in transmission and hydraulic systems, whilst protecting from corrosion. Balanced additive chemistry also ensures the effective operation of oil immersed brake systems and power take-off clutches.


Designed for use in transmission systems fitted to agricultural and off-highway equipment that may be used in environmentally sensitive areas that include: forestry, farming, country clubs, golf courses, construction, quarrying, horticulture, hotel complexes, etc. May be used in the following vehicle compartments: powershift transmissions, mechanical transmissions, transaxle/hydraulic systems, hydrostatic drives, torque converters, final drives, reduction hubs, power steering, steering boxes, PTO boxes, brake/clutch systems, hydraulic units, etc., where a fluid of this specification is stated in the manufacturer’s handbook

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

Pack Size:
  • 25 litre
Product Catergory:
  • Agricultural

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