Ultralife Max Antifreeze

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Ultralife MAX is a heavy duty, versatile antifreeze/coolant that provides long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys. The coolant has been field tested and has proven to provide the following periods of protection:

  • 650,000 km (ca. 8,000 hours) in truck & bus-application or
  • 250,000 km (ca. 2,000 hours) for passenger cars or
  • 32,000 hours (or 6 years) for stationary engines.
  • It is recommended to change the coolant every five years or when above mileages or operating times are reached, whichever comes first.

    Ultralife MAX provides long-life protection against all forms of corrosion by the use of optimised and patented organic corrosion inhibitors. Excellent and lasting high temperature corrosion protection is provided for the aluminium heat transfer surfaces contained in modern engines. Furthermore, Ultralife MAX offers excellent cavitation protection.

    Features & Benefits

  • Extended life
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Reduces repairs to thermostat, radiator and water pump
  • Improved hard water stability, absence of silicates and phosphates
  • Save time and money maintenance-free coolant
  • Suitable for mixed fleets, one coolant for automotive and heavy duty applications
  • Environmentally friendly by using carboxylic additives

  • Applications

    Ultralife MAX may be used with confidence in engines manufactured from cast iron, aluminium or combinations of the two metals, and in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys.

    Performance levels

    See Technical Data Sheet

    • Anti Freeze
    • Anti-Corrosion
    • Excellent Cavity Protecton
    • Patented Organic Corrosion Inhibitors
    Pack Size:
    • 20 Litre
    Product Catergory:
    • Agricultural
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Fleet
    Product Type:
    • Antifreeze