Vacuum Pump Oils

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Excellent rust and corrosion protection, Excellent thermal and oxidation stability, Low volatility, Mineral, ISO VG100, 5 litre, 25 litre, AHV005 5 Ltr, Industrial, Vacuum Pump Oil

Recommended for use in a wide range of positive displacement vacuum pumps, including rotary vane, tobe, screw and reciprocating designs. Airforce VPO HV is suitable for use in the following makes of pump where oils of this type and performance are specified: Leybold, Edwards,Alcatel, Precision, HyVac, Robinair, etc. Airforce VPO HV is designed for pumps drawing high vacuums (up to 10"6 mm Hg /1.3 x 10~5 Pa),

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Low Pour Point, Low volatility, High Viscosity Index, Mineral, ISO VG68, 5 litre, 25 litre, Industrial, Agricultural, Vacuum Pump Oil, VPO005 - 5 Ltr

Milking Machine Vacuum Pump Oil is suitable for use in a variety of pumps designs operating in all temperatures and conditions. Also recommended for the lubrication of associated milk handling hydraulics and equipment.

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