2 Stroke Oils

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2 Stroke Diesel Engine Specific, Low Ash, Mineral, 25 litre, Construction, Agricultural, Classic Cars, Marine, Fleet, 2 Stroke Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, SAE 40w, DDF025 - 25 Ltr

Ring Free DD 40 is a high quality low ash engine oil designed for use in 2-stroke diesel engines & meets the following performance levels, API CF-2 Detroit Diesel Corporation 7SE 270 9205.

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Ashless Formulation, High Performance, Mineral, 1 litre, 25 litre, Marine, Marine Two Stroke, AQU001 - 1 Ltr

Aqua Max 2 is recommended for use in two cycle water cooled outboard engines using premix or oil injection, from high powered down to small cylinder auxiliary engines. Also suitable for certain two cycle air-cooled engines operating under normal duty.

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