Workshop PRO Aerosol Range

A range of superior performance maintenance aerosols suitable for a multitude of demanding applications.

£6.27 (£7.52 inc VAT)
Aerosol 400 Ml, Calcium, Zinc, Heat Resistant, Anti-wear, Anti-Corrosion, Water Resistant

Workshop Pro White Spray Grease is a combination of a Calcium and Zinc based grease in an aerosol form offering good resistance to water and heat.

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£6.70 (£8.04 inc VAT)
Motorcycle, Marine, Car & Van, Autosport, Automotive, Vintage & Classic Cars, Aerosol 400 Ml

A selected treatment designed to remove dirt, grime and accumulated oily deposits from carburettors and fuel injection systems.

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£8.35 (£10.02 inc VAT)
Motorcycle, Agricultural, Construction, Vintage & Classic Cars, Automotive, Fleet, Horticultural, Autosport, Industrial, Car & Van, Marine, Aerosol 400 Ml, Semi-Synthetic

Workshop Pro Semi-synthetic Chain Lubricant is a specially formulated aerosol designed for the protection of chains used in a variety of applications.

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£9.23 (£11.08 inc VAT)
Motorcycle, Aerosol 400 Ml, Fully Synthetic

Workshop Pro Fully Synthetic Chain Lubricant is a specially formulated aerosol designed for the protection of chains used in a variety of applications.

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£7.23 (£8.68 inc VAT)
Fleet, Industrial, Steam, Vintage & Classic Cars, Automotive, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Horticultural, Car & Van, Autosport, Construction, Marine, Aerosol 400 Ml, 5 litre, Anti-Corrosion, Water Resistant

MD-4 is an effective, damp start and penetrating fluid with outstanding corrosion protection properties.

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£6.64 (£7.97 inc VAT)
Motorcycle, Construction, Marine, Vintage & Classic Cars, Industrial, Steam, Automotive, Fleet, Horticultural, Car & Van, Autosport, Agricultural, Aerosol 400 Ml

Workshop Pro Solvent Degreaser is a ready for use, pink coloured emulsifiable fluid, manufactured from a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent and a non-ionic surfactant.

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£8.09 (£9.71 inc VAT)
Car & Van, Steam, Construction, Vintage & Classic Cars, Industrial, Fleet, Agricultural, Autosport, Automotive, Marine, Horticultural, Motorcycle, Aerosol 400 Ml, Silicone

Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner is a special blend of silicone, solvents and cleaners. 

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£8.34 (£10.01 inc VAT)
Marine, Car & Van, Vintage & Classic Cars, Motorcycle, Fleet, Agricultural, Autosport, Horticultural, Automotive, Industrial, Steam, Construction, Aerosol 400 Ml, Anti Seize

Workshop PRO Anti-Seize is a lead and CFC free compound, made from solvent refined oil, Bentonite thickener and fine copper powder.

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£6.40 (£7.68 inc VAT)
Vintage & Classic Cars, Automotive, Steam, Autosport, Motorcycle, Car & Van, Marine, Horticultural, Industrial, Agricultural, Construction, Fleet, Aerosol 400 Ml

Solvent Cleaner Aerosol. A complex mixture of hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents designed to clean and degrease all flat and irregular surfaces.

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