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Morris Lubricants launches new, innovative 5W-20 engine oil for Scania and MAN

by Morris Online
Morris Lubricants has launched Versimax HD18 5W-20; a new grade of heavy-duty diesel engine oil that meets the precise requirements of the latest Scania and MAN fuel-efficient HGV engine technology.

With the first orders already despatched in just two weeks from initial enquiry, the new heavy-duty diesel engine oil complies with Scania LDF-5 and MAN M3977 specifications. This makes Morris Lubricants one of the first lubricant providers in the UK to commercialise this new ‘ultra-thin’ oil formulation for the haulage sector – a further demonstration of its lubricant innovation in commercial vehicle engine oils.

Readily available in 25 litre drums, 205 litre barrels and in bulk supply, Versimax HD18 5W-20 is already being used in the latest 13-litre Scania engines: DC13 173, DC13 174, DC13 175 and DC13 176. The engine oil can also be used in MAN D26 and D38 models.

As OEMs, commercial vehicle manufacturers and upstream technology providers move closer to Euro VII compliance, which is expected to be introduced around 2025, engine technology is evolving at pace. In the HGV diesel market, significant strides have already been made in reducing diesel particulates, carbon monoxide and NOx emissions in the exhaust gas stream, and now there is increased emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, by improving fuel efficiency.

As a result, engine hardware is adapting, with examples including an emphasis on materials with increased strength and reduced weight, alongside a reduction in the number of cylinders required.

To deliver these improvements in fuel efficiency, engine oils have also needed to evolve. New, low viscosity formulations are emerging that reduce internal viscous drag, which in turn limits energy losses, improves overall engine efficiency and cuts CO2 output.

Adrian Hill, Morris Lubricants' Technology Manager explains the reasons behind the 5W-20 engine oil:

“The HGV market has witnessed significant changes in recent years, as internal combustion engines are developed for improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. 5W-30 heavy-duty diesel engine formulations are a commonplace option for the major OEMs, but as these companies innovate in the direction of Euro VII compliance, we will witness another step change in oil viscosity levels.

"This is the real difference with our new Versimax HD18 5W-20 heavy-duty diesel engine oil. It has reduced oil film thickness down to passenger car engine oil levels, but for use in commercial HGVs with payloads that clearly far exceed an average road vehicle.

“Inclusive of field trials, it can take years to bring new oils and lubricants to market, particularly engine oils. Here at Morris Lubricants, we have all the necessary raw materials in our inventory, to enable us to move quickly to meet customers’ demand.

“So, from identifying the initial market need, to assessing the required specification and undertaking our rigorous laboratory testing process, the Versimax HD18 5W-20 was manufactured and the first orders delivered in just two weeks.”

"Scania and MAN are the first OEMs to deliver fleets here in the UK, capable of using these specifications.”

About the Versimax range

The new Versimax HD18 5W-20 is part of the Versimax range, a series of approved, superior quality, heavy-duty diesel engine oils. These are manufactured at the Morris Lubricants facility in Shrewsbury.

The Versimax range is designed to help reduce downtime, improve fuel efficiency and contribute to the reduction in engine emissions. Used by fleet operators, maintenance technicians, mechanics, and drivers, Versimax engine oils help to rationalise usage where mixed fleets of vehicles and engine technologies are in operation.

Offering a range of oils that are suitable for previous and current generation of heavy-duty diesel engines, including those with aftertreatment devices, the Versimax range provides users with peace of mind.

Further information on the Versimax HD18 5W-20 including the TDS and product features and benefits can be found by clicking here.