Workshop PRO All Seasons Screen Wash

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Specially formulated high performance screenwash concentrate

A specially formulated screen wash concentrate that is made for adding to water in vehicle washer bottles. It cuts through dirt and grime from roads and traffic leaving a clean and sparkling smear free windscreen.

The special formulation helps wiper blades glide smoothly over the screen and eliminates annoying judder. When used as recommended, it is suitable for all year round use and will prevent the washer bottles, pipes, and pumps from freezing at temperatures down to –25°C, and will also help prevent the icing of nozzles that are exposed to the icy blast of the slipstream.


Recommended for all windscreen washer systems on all vehicles including cars, vans, HGV’s and PSV’s. Workshop PRO All Seasons Screenwash is recommended for all year round use at the dilutions shown below.

SEASON Summer Moderate Winter Severe Winter
Freezing Protection -5 oC -10oC -25oC
Mixture 3 parts Water 1 part Concentrate 1 part Water 1 part Concentrate Use neat

NOTE: Intermediate dilutions may be used to obtain the required protection. Increasing the screen wash concentration in extremely dirty conditions will increase the cleaning performance.

Physical Characteristics:
See technical data sheet

Pack Size:
  • 5 litre
Product Catergory:
  • Agricultural
  • Autosport
  • Car & Van
  • Construction
  • Fleet
  • Food Preparation
  • Horticultural
  • Marine
  • Model Engineering
  • Motorcycle
  • Steam
  • Vintage & Classic Cars

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