Liquimatic DS Transmission Fluid

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Liquimatic DS Transmission Fluid


Liquimatic DS is an advanced synthetic based automotive transmission fluid that offers increased cold start efficiency resulting in improved fuel economy.


Liquimatic DS is designed for all General Motors applications requiring Dexron® VI and provides protection for 2006 models and newer. Transmissions include the following Aisin Warner models: AW TF-80SC / SD, AWF21, AF40-6, AM6, AW6A-EL, TF-81SC, AF21, GA6F21WA (Mini).


• Reliable and consistent shift performance
• Long service life (twice the service interval of Dexron IIIH)
• Stable high temperature performance
• Combats sludge and varnish build up
• Maintains gear integrity and optimises efficiency
• Outstanding low temperature fluidity
• Superior oxidation and thermal stability control

Can be used where the following Part No.s are stated: BMW P/N 83227542290, Citroen P/N PR 9980, SAAB P/N 93165147, Toyota P/N 08886-02305 / 08886-81015, Vauxhall-Opel P/N 93165147

Must NOT be used where Ford Type F/G is specified: Use Liquimatic 33G. Do NOT use in Double Clutch Transmissions (DCTs): Use Multitrans DCT or in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs): Use Multitrans CVT, depending on the specification required.

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Synthetic Based
Pack Size:
  • 25 litre
  • 5 litre
Product Catergory:
  • Automotive
  • Car & Van
  • Construction
  • Fleet
Product Type:
  • Transmission Fluid

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