Versimax HD4 15W-40

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Versimax HD4 15W-40 is a highly versatile heavy duty engine oil that can be used to rationalise inventories, due to its extensive performance profile. Versimax HD4 15W-40 has been formulated to provide reliable and robust performance in a wide variety of engine types used in a range of applications. This grade provides high levels of engine cleanliness, promoting efficient operation and improved fuel economy, as well as ensuring critical components are protected from wear under the most arduous conditions, including extended oil drain regimes.

Key Features

  • Outstanding Soot Handling
  • Enhanced Sludge Dispersancy
  • High levels of Piston Cleanliness
  • Improved Anti-wear protection


Recommended for heavy duty diesel engines fitted in on-highway and off-highway vehicles requiring a product of this type and specification. Powerful additive chemistry controls soot thickening and soot induced wear, making this grade suitable for use in Euro 2, 3, 4 and 5 engines (on-highway) and those rated up to Interim Tier 4 / Stage 3B (off-highway). Engine types include those fitted with: exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR/Adblue).

Manufacturers include: Cummins, Mercedes Benz, DAF, Mack, MAN, MTU, Perkins, Scania and Volvo, Caterpillar, etc.

Note: This product is not suitable for use with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Performance Levels, Physical Characteristics & Approvals

See technical data sheet.

  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Heavy Duty
Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
Pack Size:
  • 25 litre
  • 5 litre
Product Catergory:
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Fleet
Product Type:
  • Diesel Engine Oil
SAE Multigrade Viscosity:
  • SAE 15w-40
RVS005 - 5 Ltr

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