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New Product Bulletin: Magnol HVI 46

by James Dawe

New Product Bulletin: Magnol HVI 46

Magnol HVI 46 is a high viscosity index hydraulic oil, formulated from high quality base oils and powerful anti-wear technology.

It is ideal for hydraulic systems subjected to the very extremes of operating conditions and temperatures, from frozen food stores (-20ºC) to industrial hydraulic systems at elevated temperatures and off highway equipment.

Recommended for both Industrial and off highway hydraulic systems, where extreme operating conditions are encountered. Can also be used in hydrostatic drives, power steering systems, brake systems and other applications where products of this
type and specification required.

Magnol HVI 46 has the following performance levels DIN 51524-2 (HM), DIN 51524-3 (HV)

Available in the following sizes:
• 1,000L IBC, Part no: HVI 102
• 205L, Part no: HVI 205
• 25L, Part no: HVI 025


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